Flir Secure Wifi Home Security Camera with XNUMXK Super HD resolution

Flir Secure Wifi Home Security Camera with XNUMXK Super HD resolution

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The FLIR Secure Super HD WiFi Security Camera is a powerhouse security camera designed to be up and running in minutes. It is packed full of industry leading features, such as XNUMXK video resolution, excellent night vision, and even an ultra-wide angle lens. Connect it to our FLIR Secure™ app for live remote viewing, cloud recording, and our exclusive RapidRecap® functionality. Not only can this camera help defend your home from invasions, it can let you know when your kids get home from school or check in on your sleeping baby.

FLIR SecureHD WiFi Security Camera Features:

  • XNUMX/XNUMX" XNUMXMP sensor with XNUMXx digital zoom
  • Enhanced H.XNUMX Encoding
  • XNUMX° diagonal, XNUMX° with dewarping
  • One (XNUMX) high-power infrared LED (XNUMXnm)
  • IR night vision range up to XNUMXft/XNUMXm
  • Filtro de corte IR
  • Speaker and Microphone for two-way audio
  • La cancelación activa del ruido
  • XNUMXGB microSD card included; microSDHC or microSDXC supported class XNUMX or higher
  • Operating Temperature: XNUMX°F ~ XNUMX°F / -XNUMX°C ~ XNUMX°C
  • Wireless Requirements: WiFi XNUMXb/g/n XNUMXGhz (WEP, WPA, WPAXNUMX encryption supported) / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, encrypted)
  • SSL video encryption
  • Connectivity Requirements: Wi-Fi connection / Broadband internet connection; min. XNUMX Mbps upload speed
  • Weight - XNUMXlbs / XNUMXg
  • FLIR SECURE™ App Requirements: iOS XNUMX or higher, Android XNUMX or higher / Supported browsers: IEXNUMX or higher, Miscrosoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox

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